Feel-Good Foods that Makes Us Happy and Satisfied

Dark Chocolate

You can find different delightful foods around the world. This just makes maintaining a healthy diet a little difficult for some people. If you’re on a diet, then that’s sad. But if you’re a foodie, diet is nothing!

Well, foods don’t just make us full but also satisfied and happy! What’s frustrating is the moment that we crave for some food. But after consuming the food we crave, happiness will come after that.

Here are some of the foods that make us happy:


Is there someone who can resist the natural sweetness of chocolates? I don’t think so! Just hearing the word chocolate makes us happy. So, whenever you feel sad and depressed, just grab and eat your favorite chocolates!


Salmon tastes very delightful especially when fresh. It is packed with omega 3 fatty acids. This is proven to help us improves and boost our mood!


Mushroom Mario
Now You Know Why Mario Loves This Stuff.

Not the shrooms that you’re thinking. The legal ones.

Mushrooms are very good source of vitamin D. Having low levels of vitamin D in our diet can make us feel depressed. Surprisingly, mushrooms offer enough vitamins D to make us feel better!


Not a coffee drinker? That’s alright! But you might want to drink now. Why? There’s a study shown that consuming coffee has been proven to lower the levels of depression.


Yeah, fruits can help too. With their built in sugar content, if you have a sweet tooth, you will still love it. Try eating a Japanese mango or bananas. It’s a good source of potassium. It also contains tryptophan which helps us regulate and improve our mood.

So, there you have it! Some of these can be easily found anywhere. So, whenever you’re stress, sad, or depress, you might want to eat these delightful foods to make you happy!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, bye!