Some of the Best Food Experiences are Found Where You’re Not Looking for Them



Food experience is synonymous with travel. It completes the total package that you take away from every trip. To miss out on the local food scene is to give up opportunities to discover the flavors and textures of the food a town or city is known for as well as the hidden delights that only few explore. The best food immersions you will have while traveling may not always come as part of a well-thought of plan. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, get a feel of the place, and let your feet or nose take you to some of the most amazing food destinations.

Check out the marketplaces

Marketplaces are hardly among tourists’ list of must-see attractions. But a growing number of travelers have been discovering the delights of visiting a farmers’ market or open market. Many cities usually have market hubs where most of the locals go. You will not only see familiar sights like fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, spices, and more. You may even find food stalls that sell a wide array of great-tasting food and treats.

Try the street food

Some cities have street foods that are popular to travelers. Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore are among the travel destinations that offer plenty of choices for foodies. Bangkok has been long known for its tasty dishes that you can actually buy for cheap in food stalls and small restaurants across the city. Hong Kong offers similar food adventures with its diverse street food offerings that include scrumptious dim sums. Singapore has many food places where hawkers sell multi-ethnic cuisines. One of the city’s popular food stalls even earned a Michelin star.

Taking “eating with the locals” to the next level

Travelers are quite familiar with the often repeated advice of “eating with the locals”. This often means picking restaurants where many locals go. But one of the food trends in recent years has taken this concept to the next level. Instead of eating with them in crowded restaurants, you can now eat meals at their homes. There are software applications you can download on your phone that you can use to book lunch or dinner with a local host who will serve you with a homecooked meal. You may even request for traditional dishes that you want to try.…

Archery: Great Health Opportunity


What can you get out of shooting bows and propelling arrows? Archery can give you worthwhile experiences.  Yeah, you’re right! This amazing sport won’t fail your expectations. You can even decide to have it  as your most favorite hobby. It can even exceed your expectations that will give you the experiences of a lifetime. Are you ready to do give your first straight shot now? To best guide your aim, we provide you excellent bow reviews at Make your first step towards your archery goals a meaningful one. It is less hassle; always hustle your shooting preferences.

Aside from the confidence and improved shooting skills, archery can give us amazing health benefits. Archery is perceived as a stationary sport. But, it is not a minus of its great advantages. Competitive archers need a significant amount of endurance, focus, and strength to be at their best. The shooting acts in archery require more from the archers. Targeting itself is quite a big deal. Participating in archery can give you health benefits more than what you expect of the sport. You are hitting two targets at one arrow, so to speak. Physical and mental healths are pretty combined results of archery.

Archery is one of the best sports in the world because it…

  • Improves Upper Body Strength

The drawing of the bowstring can help develop the muscles in the upper body.  Before you release the string to fire an arrow, your draw strength is tested. The major muscle groups are finely developed through continued practice and competitions. These upper muscles include both of your arms, chest, shoulders, and back.

  • Mental Health

Archery enhances mental focus. To be successful in archery, you have to develop a focus to aim at your target. Avoid distractions by letting your complete attention and focus dominate your system and manipulate the game. As you do this, you practice clearing out your minds with distractions. This will bring impact to your life in the real setting and well-being.

  • Hones Your Balance

Can you hold your body still while aiming and releasing the arrows? Practice makes perfect. As you hold your bow, you feel the adrenaline rush inside your being that tells you to hold still and hit the center of the targets. Archery will help you enhance your ability to keep steady while you perform.

  • Develops Hand-eye Coordination

    Archer in Focus

Your hands and eyes should work together to make a straight shot. As your eyes carry the input which is the exact location of your targets, your hands also work in firing your arrow. The more you practice, the better your performance will get. As you do it, your hands and eyes coordinate efficiently.

  • Improves Cardiovascular Health

As the archers perform in the archery range, they also walk a significant distance of as much as 5 miles. This is the accumulated distance an archer can walk during a competition. Moreover, your muscle tone and leg strength are also developed every time you walk towards your target to retrieve your fired arrows and to return to your line.

Archery involves drawing a bow and firing arrows. These acts require strength and deep interest. For you to get started, make sure that you are in good shape to perform well. Consult your doctor or ask your personal trainer about it.